POS connectivity made easy with ThorLink™

Tranxactor’s unique real-time bridge connecting any Windows Point of Sale System with the Thor processing engine and CRM platform

What is ThorLink™?

ThorLink™ is Tranxactor’s own gateway to the Thor platform which can be implemented with any Windows POS or Android system to deliver a comprehensive suite of real time functions for loyalty programs, payment systems and marketing.

Once deployed, ThorLink™ runs seamlessly in the background of the POS with full communications management functions, offline detection, offline and online processing, fraud detection, and security controls.

  • Capture 100% of all transactions to item level
  • Issue and redeem rewards and eVouchers in real time
  • Sell and redeem gift cards
  • Reload stored value cards
  • Online Member registration at the POS
  • Implement digital receipting
  • Run Net Promoter Scoring (NPS)
  • Full transaction audit trail
  • Remote configuration
  • Site and device authentication

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