Digital Marketing

With the explosion of both social media and emerging communication technologies, digital marketing is now leading the drive towards real time personalised communications

The biggest lesson that marketers should have learned from the explosion of social media and online shopping is that customers want to be in control of their shopping. They want to share information, choose where and when to buy, how to pay, whether they pick up or get delivered. 

But even more interesting, a major trend emerging is the use of multiple devices for the customer shopping journey. 

These emerging stats help to push home the fact that the user expects a common, seamless experience across all digital channels as they hop from one device to another and ideally flowing into the brick’n’mortar world as well.

Digital Marketing is the use of any digital channel to promote or market products and services to targeted consumers. Used judiciously its underlying objective is to transform the way value is delivered and increase relevance and engagement with consumers thereby increasing consumer satisfaction.

This must be part of a long-term engagement strategy that develops a relationship from first-time purchase to build customer loyalty using communications via your site, social presence, electronic communications right through to direct interaction at store level. In addition, a good customer relationship helps build advocacy through ‘word-of-mouth’.

Email marketing is the most visible and a cornerstone of a simple and cost effective digital strategy. But it is only one channel. Tranxactor has the platform to deliver common marketing communications across multiple channels in realtime, triggered by events such as birthdays or anniversaries, actual purchase activity, or new marketing initiatives. 

Tranxactor’s technology not only provides the platform to enable you to connect all the dots, but also we can work with your marketing team and agencies to bring a complex marketing concept to reality, ensuring realtime processing and communications wherever your customers may be.