Beacons and Geofencing

Delivering the ability to communicate and engage with customers wherever they are on any device - on foot, travelling, or at home or at work

Since the introduction of Google’s open source beacon technology, beacons are rapidly being adopted by retailers to help drive sales, influence purchase decisions and encourage impulse purchase while a customer is in store.

Beacon devices are now low-cost and small, so can be easily set up on a wall or a countertop enabling relevant content and messages to be sent to smartphone or tablet users based within the retail location.  

Tranxactor has developed its latest generation of mobile applications to employ both beacon technology and geofencing, to maximise your ability to send personalised and targeted push notifications to drive traffic and incentivise purchasing.

These technologies form part of Tranxactor’s unified and integrated platform to deliver a complete marketing communication solution that keeps you in contact with your customers. This is how it could work for you.

Four ways to deliver the ultimate in digital marketing and stay in contact with your customer anywhere.

  • Customer is anywhere: Use Tranxactor’s mobile applications and the web
  • Customer is within range of your store (eg. 3km): Use Tranxactor’s geofencing platform for push notifications
  • Customer is inside or in the immediate vicinity of your store: Use Tranxactor’s beacons to send push notifications or trigger the mobile device to retrieve information and instant special offers or eVouchers targeted specifically for the customer and even specific to that location.
  • Customer is at the POS: Use Tranxactor’s ThorLink embedded in your POS to interact in real time with the customer, enabling the redemption of rewards and eVouchers, and delivering realtime communications through the POS receipt and back to the mobile device.

Tranxactor’s combined technology suite offers limitless digital marketing possibilities and amazing opportunities to grow loyalty and build sales.

What is beacon technology? 

Originally introduced by Apple in 2013, Google released an open source version of the software called Eddystone that enables Bluetooth low energy (BLE) beacon hardware technology to transmit and receive information from smart devices running either Android or iOS. The Beacon transmitters can broadcast or simply house data that can be pushed to or requested by the user of the smart device. These small transmitters can be fitted to walls or windows and work by using low energy Bluetooth to send signals that can be picked up by nearby devices with the same technology. If the phone is in range of a beacon (typically 50-100 metres) it can get updated information about the environment it's in.

What is geofencing?

A geo-fence is a virtual perimeter for a real-world geographic area.  A geo-fence could be dynamically generated as in a radius around a store.

The use of a geo-fence is called geo-fencing, and one example of usage involves a location-aware device of a location-based service (LBS) user entering or exiting a geo-fence. This activity could trigger an alert to the device's user as well as messaging to the geo-fence operator.

Thanks to Wikipedia