Security and Business Continuity

ISO 27001 Certified

We understand the mission critical importance for all round security. This means ensuring the secure handling and storage of sensitive consumer information, maintaining integrity of transactional data, and constantly monitoring the systems and networks for hacking threats and DDoS attacks. Tranxactor employs several layers of security to mitigate intrusion and unauthorised access.

Tranxactor is certified under the prestigious international Information Security Certificate ISO 27001 across its global offices and development centres. ISO27001 is one of the strictest international standards in information security management systems, mandating controls and process around all management systems to block or minimise the impact of security incidents. The certification requires adoption of best practice in data security and systems.

The audit process is a comprehensive examination of the information security risks in an organisation, highlighting threats and vulnerabilities and assesses the efficiency and effectiveness of the existing controls.

Tranxactor processes millions of transactions daily across its network and places a very high priority on safeguarding the information it holds on behalf of its clients and their customers. The ISO 27001 certification reinforces Tranxactor’s extensive infrastructure security and confirms our focus and commitment to security across the organisation.

Compliance with this internationally recognised standard ensures Tranxactor’s security management systems are comprehensive and embrace best practice in maintaining confidentiality, integrity and management of information.

Tranxactor’s business model is “Application as a Service” providing fully hosted and managed facilities around the globe. It is our commitment and mission to ensure maximum uptime in our service delivery. To this end each primary production facility is set up as High Availability (HA), reducing the risk of single points of failure within the production infrastructure. To ensure business continuity in the event of a catastrophic failure of services at the primary site Tranxactor operates failover facilities in each region.

Tranxactor’s ThorLink features an offline SAF function so that in the event of a network failure, transactions continue at the POS to be uploaded once connection has been restored.