How to improve in-store experiences with the right tech

Whether it’s excellent customer service, an inviting shopping atmosphere, cutting-edge in-store technology or an enjoyable checkout experience, retailers must create a positive environment to offer something different to their competitors. Essentially, the goal is to make a trip to your ‘real world’ store more inviting and interesting than the online shopping experience. The retail world has drastically changed in recent years – and continues to do so – with consumers changing their buying behaviour and flowing easily between instore and online. This is a surprising fact for many businesses as it’s considered that online buying supersedes instore purchases. Savvy retailers have realised that online and in-store shopping experiences should not be exclusive to one another.

Technology should be complementing and assisting instore shopping experiences as exemplified through the increased presence of instore digital advertising in almost every retail category. Changing consumer behaviour on mobile devices has brought dramatic change to marketing which means that retailers must consider mobile as a strategic and essential part of their tool kit to stay relevant. Our work with brands such as Columbus Coffee, Oporto’s and Subway have helped them deliver their digital marketing strategies. The possibilities really are endless. Our work with clients includes delivering marketing promotions with real time location based, time-sensitive communications.

There also some basic but powerful ways to offer more to customers, including asking if they want to repeat their last order; sending digital receipts with incentives; triggering reminders; running real time NPS surveys immediately after the checkout; and so much more. In short, we believe that fully integrated mobile capability opens the window of opportunity to enhance your retail digital marketing strategy. What is typically missing is the critical data that ‘joins the dots’ between the sale and the customer, and even deeper, the customer’s purchase history, demographics and responses to marketing communications and promotions.

Our Thor integrated solution suite was designed for retailers who want to get more learnings from their Loyalty programmes. It provides the tools to ‘join the dots’ combining real time data gathered from the POS, the Thor processing platform and other sources to deliver actionable customer insights about what makes your customers tick to help drive powerful campaigns.

This valuable information can help marketers plan and execute targeted marketing campaigns for a better customer experience, based on factual evidence. The in-store shopping experience has seen some dramatic changes in recent years and this will continue to change with new innovations and modifications being introduced every day. Do you want to start future proofing using the best possible technological solutions? If so, reach out to us today