How tranxactor helps help others

Here at Tranxactor we work with the very best retail businesses helping them ‘connect the dots’ between loyalty, sales and their CRM systems. We love tackling big problems, and when wanted to use a prepaid card as the vehicle to allow people to financially support their friends and family during times of need, we wanted to help!

The idea behind is to make every day better. The platform is free to use and helps people give practical support to someone they know when they can’t be there in person.

All you do is choose from a list of everyday things you could use a hand with. It could be walking the dog, doing the laundry or mowing the lawn. Then you simply share your list with your family and friends next time they ask “what can I do to help?”

Or they can send you a list of things they can help with, so you’ll know who to turn to for what you need when the time is right.  And if they can’t volunteer to help with the everyday things in person, they can give to your card instead to enable the purchase of that support from professionals.

How did tranxactor help?

When we spoke to the team, we heard their views that there was a real disconnect between people needing help around health challenges and life events, but not wanting to ask; and people wanting to help, but not knowing how best to do so, or not being able to due to time or distance. bridges this disconnect so that people get what they need, when they need it by harnessing their own support network of family and friends; and at the same time, supporters know exactly what they can do to help and feel good knowing they’ve actually made a difference.

Importantly, every cent given to the person to support is received directly by them on a prepaid card – and anything given to a card via our Charitable Trust (a sub fund of Perpetual Guardian will be eligible for a 33% tax rebate.

We caught up with them to talk about their relationship with us – and their results!

Why did you choose to use Tranxactor?

“When we decided to use a prepaid card as the vehicle by which supporters could financially support their friends and family, we approached two of the main card payment solution providers in NZ.  Tranxactor were extremely responsive, very accommodating around our requirements, and supportive of what we were trying to achieve.

Without John and his wonderful team at Tranxactor, wouldn’t be what it is today, and we are extremely grateful for their ongoing support in our mission to make every day better during difficult times.”

How is the business? 

“ is being very well received by corporates for their employee care, health and wellbeing programmes, health insurance companies as a way to add value to the relationship they have with their claimants and charities who are running administrative intensive voucher programmes.

One company even saw as a way to build stronger teams and would look to their Executive Leadership team to sign up to it and offer personal support to any employee that needed some practical or other assistance due to a health event.”

Can you tell us about future developments? 

“We aim to make it even easier for people to support someone they know through payroll giving each month direct to an individual’s card and are partnering with payroll companies to enable this.

Our plans also include increasing our platform capability and features to enhance the user experience and what we can offer.

We are all about collaborating and partnering with other organisations to ensure help gets to where it’s needed.

As such our immediate focus is to ensure our members have regional and nationwide access to suppliers around food, transport, petrol and parking, their main pain points during challenging times. 

We are also collaborating with Red Cross Auckland to make it easy for donors to gift new household goods specifically for the resettlement of families with refugee backgrounds via a charity card.

And we have partnered with Community Power, a social enterprise and subsidiary of Plus Energy, to make it even easier to help someone and it doesn’t cost you a cent. 

When you buy your electricity from Community Power (who will price match), you can nominate someone specific to receive direct to their card, a share of Community Power’s profits from the electricity you use. Your gift comes from Community Power’s profits, not your pockets, and enables your loved one to purchase timely practical support from our network of nationwide suppliers.”

John Norrie, CEO at Tranxactor added

“We love working with amazing businesses and amazing people and the team at are doing great work. We are very proud that they have selected Tranxactor to help them achieve their goals and we strongly recommend the platform. We look forward to working with them more in the future on their exciting developments.”