Lone Star & Joe's Garage Restaurants

Tranxactor's support has been impressive!

Lucy Whelan, Operations & Special Projects Manager had some kind words to say about Tranxactor.  We thought it would be nice to share with you.

"Lone Star and Joe's Garage are New Zealand’s largest privately owned restaurant group operating both brands throughout the country.

Historically we had challenges regarding security issues with our paper-based gift vouchers. Tranxactor offered an electronic Gift Card program running through the EFTPOS payment network, with the potential to integrate with our POS systems. Their automated settlement system was a critical requirement due to our franchised business model.

Tranxactor’s Thor platform is now fully integrated with our point-of-sale system allowing easy operational use. We are very pleased with our decision to migrate from paper to Tranxactor's solution for both our brands.

We are always happy to recommend Tranxactor to any business, especially if they are still running with paper vouchers. You cannot beat the operational and administration ease that real-time transaction processing and in-depth reporting delivers."

Thanks Lucy and the team at Lone Star and Joe's Cafe. It is great to be appreciated in this way!

The Tranxactor Team.