SUBCARD rolls out SUBSQUAD into Europe

Tranxactor provides the processing platform behind SUBCARD

In keeping with Subway's global digital transformation strategy, SUBCARD® recently rolled out its SUBSQUAD initiative across UK, Ireland, Finland, Germany and Austria. This innovative campaign incorporates some of the best in breed features of a fully integrated digital marketing strategy such as mass broadcast via edm, online via web and mobile, social media and most importantly, consumer engagement. Real time marketing triggers are at the heart of the campaign.

While the concept is relatively simple, the technology integration behind the scenes in complex. Here how it works for the consumer: A SUBCARD® Member can create a squad of up to 8 other members. Every time any one of the squad members makes a purchase in any SUBWAY® store, every member of their group is sent an instant push notification to make a purchase at SUBWAY® within 4 hours and enjoy a bonus reward of 50 points each. The bonus points earned are in addition to any existing rewards they can earn as a SUBCARD® holder.

This highly successful initiative encouraged SUBCARD® Members to become advocates resulting in increased purchase frequency and improved ATV as well as boosting SUBCARD® membership.

Tranxactor's Thor platform has been instrumental in bringing this concept to reality. Our ability to capture transactions in real time from the POS, create and manage unlimited numbers of groups, trigger real time push messages and dynamically allocated bonus rewards is unique in the industry. The SUBSQUAD™ campaign has enjoyed spectacular results across all its markets, striking a chord with Subway's SUBCARD® Member base.

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