Subway® successfully rolls out the Subcard® Loyalty programme in France

Subway® continues to roll out is highly successful Subcard® loyalty programme in Europe, with France being the latest country to embrace the programme.  Subcard® now operates across the UK and seven other EU countries.  The programme is fully cross-border enabling Members to earn and burn their rewards wherever they go.


The programme was launched nationally in a 'big bang' through all 420+ French stores, and has met with resounding enthusiasm from consumers, reflected in very impressive Member enrolments from day one and continuing to grow daily.  


Along with Netherlands and Sweden, the French consumer experience is fully digital (no plastic cards) and offers the same unique features such as Subsquad® enjoyed by other markets.


Powered by Tranxactor's Thor platform, the programme has full integration with the point-of-sale system, enabling real-time interaction at the time of purchase.


This now brings the total of Subway® stores connected to the Tranxactor host systems to over 4,000 stores.  


John Norrie, Tranxactor's CEO says "The France rollout was seamless and efficient reflecting a streamlined roll-out process and excellent collaboration between our team, the Subway® Subcard® team, the in-market teams and other service providers.  We are eagerly looking forward to our next market opportunity."