Thorn Group introduces new Easi-Own Payment Card

Tranxactor delivers an end-to-end solution

Thorn Group Finance is a NZ-based financial institution specialising in consumer retail funding. Thorn has recently relaunched its Easi-Own product to provide a better and easier customer experience through the introduction of a closed-loop card system via the NZ payment networks.

Using Tranxactor's connectivity to the payments network, the new Easi-Own programme operates like a debit card enabling realtime purchase transactions to be run through the EFTPOS terminals. Employing Tranxator's PIN protection, transactions are validated and authorised by Tranxactor's Thor host.

Tranxactor provides a comprehensive service to Thorn, managing cardholder daily balance limits, PIN, and retailer settlement. Easi-Own also features Tranxactor's mobile app and an online Member portal for balance checking and other functions.

Talk to Tranxactor about how we can create a closed loop network to deliver a better customer experience. 

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