Vouchers and Coupons

Effective, efficient and powerful … a far cry from grandmother’s newspaper coupon clipping!

History has shown time and time again that coupons and vouchers are influential forms of consumer ‘call to action’. Consumers visually identify them as bargains, they communicate a strong and clear offer and trigger an urgent time based response. Over 60% of consumers surveyed say that they ‘love to see vouchers’.

Surveys are now showing a new group of ‘savvy shoppers’ whose aim is to not purchase without a coupon or some form of offer.

Vouchers are no longer a discounting or loss reduction strategy – successful retailers now infuse their retail offering and loyalty programs with a vouchers and coupons that can reward their loyal customers and capture the bargain hunters.

Tranxactor‘s Voucher Module contains a complete ‘offers toolkit’

Tranxactor can pinpoint the delivery of its eVouchers to individual customers or target consumer segments. Further, it can provide a ‘broadcast’ style voucher and coupon method to act as a catchment strategy. We record each voucher in real-time and provide in-depth reporting and analytics.

Tranxactor’s eVoucher and Coupon module features:

  • Real-time validation at till
  • Targeted eVouchers
  • Bulk and broadcast vouchers
  • Single or multi use
  • Anonymous vouchers
  • Online and instore redemption
  • Multi-channel acceptance
  • Time based redemptions
  • Store based redemptions
  • Attach to gift cards
  • ‘Friend get friend’ vouchers
  • Socially active vouchers
  • Third party & supplier funded vouchers

Tranxactor can make eVouchers an essential component of your Loyalty and CRM strategy.