Thor Insights

Information is knowledge. Knowledge is power. Reporting and visual tools to keep you informed.

Through our Thor Insights web portal Tranxactor offers a range of dynamic KPI reports to help you keep your finger on the pulse of your programs.

  • Detailed transaction reports
  • By store, by group, by brand
  • By member tier or group
  • Purchases member / non-member
  • Rewards issued and redeemed
  • Vouchers issued and redeemed
  • Life stage analysis
  • Campaign effectiveness
  • Liability reports

Dynamic reporting at your fingertips

Comprehensive sales and product data is readily available from most POS systems. 

What is typically missing is the critical data that ‘joins the dots’ between the sale and the customer, and even deeper, the customer’s purchase history, demographics and responses to marketing communications and promotions.

Tranxactor Thor Insights provides the tools to ‘join the dots’ combining data gathered from the POS, the Thor platform and other sources to deliver actionable customer insights about what makes your customers tick to help drive powerful campaigns.

Thor ChiliWheel

The ChiliWheel is a visual tool developed by Tranxactor to provide meaningful insight into customer behaviour. The ChiliWheel makes sense of data captured through the transacting and CRM processes. This valuable information can help marketers plan and execute targeted marketing campaigns.