Tranxactor's 4 Pillars

Engage. Interact. Communicate. Transact.

Four pillars in action View animation

Each pillar plays a crucial role in supporting the customer journey from pre-purchase, through instore or online to post purchase. The rich data we gather from each shopping visit provides insights to develop a deeper understanding of your customers and their shopping influencers. Our ability to react to events in realtime adds the ‘piece de resistance’ in your marketing strategy.



A customer’s perception of value is not always driven by price. The overall shopping experience is what counts. Effective customer engagement is about enhancing that experience which will in turn encourage loyalty and advocacy. As simple as asking for feedback about their shopping experience (using NPS surveys) or better still, establishing a truly customer-centric loyalty program is the perfect engagement platform.



Tranxactor’s platform enables highly targeted omni-channel communications to help create opportunities for your customer to interact with your brand. Rewarding and special offers, competitions, NPS surveys, customer forums, and special VIP events are all methods we can employ to encourage interaction between your customer and your brand. Helping the customer feel good about a purchase decision can be as simple as saying ‘thank you’ after the purchase.



One of Tranxactor’s strengths is our ability to connect simultaneously across many different environments enabling a seamless customer experience through the web, mobile, point-of-sale and other touchpoints such as social media and kiosks.



The net result of the effective use of our first three pillars will be the transaction, that’s when the rubber hits the road! Whatever the strategic objective, be it increased transaction value; larger basket size; increased frequency; faster repeat visit; lower cost per transaction; or higher customer lifetime value, the outcome will be a transaction and a satisfied customer. Tranxactor’s platform is the enabler that provides the single source of truth linking the customer journey from engagement through to transaction and beyond.

Tranxactor’s four pillars in action