Boost your loyalty strategy with targeted digital marketing

Tranxactor's fully integrated digital capability opens the window of opportunity to enhance your overall marketing strategy.

  • Increased customer engagement
  • Improved customer experience
  • Expanded reach
  • Enhanced customer insights

Engage with more customers with Tranxactor's digital marketing capability

Extend your marketing reach through omni-channel communications.

Effective targeting

With traditional marketing, you have little control over who sees your content. However, using Tranxactor's platform allows you to pinpoint the best audience for your marketing campaign or promotion. You can also accumulate valuable data to refine content and target groups as you learn about your customers’ preferences.

Increased engagement

Through Tranxactor's platform you not only create a powerful database of customers, you are also able to track them through the various channels through to an actual result - a sale! Refine as you go, and build a life-cycle of communication initiatives based on real live data.

Tangible ROI

Driving value through cost-effective marketing is a priority for marketers. Tranxactor's Thor platform makes it easier to identify ROI because you can monitor response rates and attribute total sales, or even sales of specific product categories, to specific campaigns.

Unleash the power of our digital marketing ecosystem

Our digital marketing ecosystem encompasses the development of reward campaigns and granular segmentation capability through our Thor platform; direct and batch delivery of communications via email and push notification gateways; web and mobile content prepared and delivered dynamically via our own Content Management System (CMS). The Thor Marketing Support toolkit delivers measurable consumer engagement with real-time monitoring.


Digital vouchers are promoted through any communication channel but sent electronically to the POS when the customer scans their loyalty ‘card’. No need to additionally scan or enter special codes.


From animated ‘Spin the Wheel’ concepts to random ‘surprise and delight’ promotions, Tranxactor can deliver them all.

Digital Reciepts

Digital receipts may be sent via SMS, Push Notification, or email as well as feature in account history in mobile and web apps.

NPS Surveys

Want to know how your customers enjoyed their experience. We can trigger NPS surveys based on any operational ‘rules’ such as transaction value, location, communication frequency and more!

Digital marketing campaigns built your way

Tranxactor offers a full bespoke design and build capability, architected to maximise the CMS and Thor marketing functions.

Mix and match functions to develop unique marketing campaigns to increase the engagement of your customers. Refine and grow your engagement with deep customer insight capabilities driven by our analytics suite.

Adding value to your touchpoints

Tranxactor can help you add value to each of your consumer facing touchpoints through innovation, gamification, or simplified customer journeys


Tranxactor can take a great concept and bring it to life through gamification. In this case study, Tranxactor used the creative elements to develop the interactive animation and prize logic. The client campaign was awarded the Best Customer Experience at the 2023 QSR Awards in the UK.


Tranxactor can bring together different data sources and services to provide the Member with a single touchpoint. In this case study, Tranxactor unified the loyalty programme, online order and the gift card programme into the mobile application. All components are updated dynamically in real time.

Keep your customers coming back for more

By working with Tranxactor, you will join leaders in retail, hospitality and QSR to build and nurture relationships with your customers.