Easy POS integration with ThorLink

ThorLink is Tranxactor’s own gateway to the Thor Host platform which can be implemented with any Windows POS to deliver a comprehensive suite of real time functions for loyalty programs, payment systems and marketing.

Once deployed, ThorLink runs seamlessly in the background of the POS with full communications management functions, offline detection, offline and online processing, fraud detection, and security controls.


ThorLink is integrated with the point-of-sale application and serves as an interface between the POS and the host.  The POS application calls functions from ThorLink whenever it needs to send to, or retrieve data from the Thor host, for example to retrieve a member’s status and balances or to execute a transaction.

Real-time data

ThorLink captures and transmits real-time transaction data, including the unique customer identifier, date and time, location, sales value, full basket data, and eVoucher or reward redemption details.

Real-time functions

With the capability to capture 100% of all transactions down to item level in the basket, issue and redeem rewards and vouchers in real time, top up and redeem gift cards, the full power of the Thor platform can be brought into play.

ThorLink speeds up the integration process

Through the use of callable functions and many built-in features that pos developers no longer need to manage, ThorLink speeds up the integration process. These include:

  • Easy access to the ThorLink application’s full transaction set, including e-vouchers, purchases involving multiple modes of payment, member searches, and other advanced features;
  • Enhanced security, such as the encryption of transactions logs, the masking of critical information in the admin transaction view, etc.;
  • Robust off-line operations with store-and-forward (SAF) functionality;
  • Automated diagnostics and testing facilities, including the continuous monitoring of the communication link to the Host;
  • Detailed transaction log files;
  • Void transaction management;
  • Multiple programme management in the same POS device;
  • Automated distributed deployment and device activation facility.

ThorLink is integrated with many POS systems including:

  • Oracle Micros
  • Simphony
  • AdvanceRetail
  • SwiftPOS
  • GPOS
  • Triquestra
  • IdealPOS
  • Wizbang
  • Onetap

POS Developers. Become a Tranxactor agent by integrating your POS systems to the Thor Platform to offer a range of added-value services to your retail clients. Contact us to find out more.

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