The powerhouse behind the Tranxactor loyalty solution suite

Developed in Oracle and hosted in the Oracle Cloud, Tranxactor’s Thor engine is a comprehensive processing platform offering all the tools and functions you need to design and operate a best-of-class retail loyalty programme.

A flexible and versatile platform that seamlessly integrates with any retail or QSR business

Thor makes it easy for marketers to create unique, bespoke loyalty programmes that work with their business and for their customers.

Supports all transaction identifier types

We can work with any type of ‘transaction identifier’ used and can operate concurrently with multiple identifiers and technologies be it physical cards or digital with QR codes, barcodes or mobile numbers.

Supports any type of loyalty programme

Thor can be configured to support any type of loyalty requirement, as well as delivering to payment programs such as gift, stored value and savings clubs, operating independently or alongside any type of member reward program.

Accepts any type of data from any device

Thor accepts and processes data sourced from virtually any device or environment in real time or batch mode. It is a true ‘open source’ data acquiring engine, and not constrained by the source of transactional and other data. This means that data may be sourced from any device or environment, in virtually any format and standardised and processed within the system. We can accept realtime data in ISO8583, XML, JSON, RESTful and batched data in delimited flat files.

A comprehensive loyalty processing engine

Thor makes it easy to design bespoke loyalty programmes.

Tranxactor Help Desk Assistant (HDA)

Tranxactor’s HDA provides a simple intuitive interface with a dashboard view of a Member’s activities with your loyalty programme, including drill-down functions to view transaction history; reward earning and burning; eVoucher issuing and redemption; email, push, and sms communications with actual preview; memos and notes; audit history and more. HDA is customised for each client, branded with the client's own logos, and colour scheme.

Thor MyJournal - Member or Cardholder account lookup

Thor MyJournal is an online application for members to access and manage their account information and transaction history. MyJournal is a framework that can be ‘skinned’ to meet any corporate branding guidelines. Alternatively, Tranxactor can provide the necessary RESTful APIs for direct integration of the functionality into existing web or e-commerce environments.

Thor MyMerchant - Merchant account lookup

Thor MyMerchant is an online application for individual stores to access their account and retrieve information such as transaction history for Tranxactor loyalty or payment programmes. MyMerchant may be ‘skinned’ to meet corporate branding guidelines. Alternatively, Tranxactor can provide the necessary RESTful APIs for direct integration of the functionality into existing web environments.


Frequently asked questions about Tranxactor's platform.

Can your loyalty platform support a multi-location, multi-franchise setup?

Yes, Tranxactor provides services to franchised or company-owned groups, from less than 10 outlets to several thousand, all connected in real time to our Thor host systems.

Can Thor handle fast-paced transactions and high-volume customer traffic in QSR?

Not a problem. All loyalty transactions are calculated in real-time enabling high speed earning and burning of rewards as well as the redemption of digital eVouchers.

Can your platform integrate with existing point-of-sale systems across multiple locations?

Tranxactor has integrated with many different POS systems and provides its ThorLink module to POS developers for fast and easy deployment across a complete network.

Can your platform support the ability to reward purchases made at any location?

Absolutely! Rewards may be issued and redeemed across all locations, with the additional flexibility to run location or region-specific promotions and campaigns.

Can Franchisors provide a level playing field for issuing and redemption of rewards?

Tranxactor provides a comprehensive financial settlement system which enables the management of billing and reimbursing individual outlets for their issuing and redemption of rewards in the group loyalty programme.

Can you migrate an existing loyalty programme to your platform?

If you are looking to improve an existing loyalty programme, we have a proven track record of importing existing complex programs into our platform.

How do you track and measure the effectiveness of the loyalty program?

Our loyalty platform captures the full shopping basket detail along with all interaction through the various touchpoints. In this way, we can monitor many aspects such as retention rates, repeat purchases, engagement through marketing communications, and purchase values.

How do you handle data security and customer privacy?

Tranxactor subscribes to the ISO 27001 Information Security best practices for the operational controls and data security standards, including:

All data is encrypted in transit. OWASP security checklists are used to ensure application software best practices. Comprehensive access controls to systems and data; network security measures including firewalls, VLANs, WAF; continuous monitoring; file integrity monitoring; Personal Identifiable Information (PII) is anonymized in compliance with GDPR.

Can your platform be customized to suit our specific business needs and branding?

Yes, Tranxactor’s Thor system is fully configurable to meet most loyalty initiatives and concepts. Want something unique? We love a challenge so please reach out to us.

Can you provide insights and analytics on customer behavior and purchasing patterns?

Thor offers comprehensive segmentation capabilities, granular performance metrics, and customer-level insights. By leveraging our real-time data processing capability, you can quickly gauge performance and ROI to optimise and improve customer engagement.

How does your loyalty system integrate with our existing systems?

Tranxactor supports a suite of RESTful APIs for 3rd-party app and web developers as well as providing our ThorLink module for integration with retail POS

We have a gift card programme. Can we continue to run this beside a loyalty programme?

Yes of course. Outside of loyalty services, Tranxactor’s total offering includes payment services such as gift or stored value cards. We can migrate from your existing gift platform or create new payment services integrated with your loyalty programme.

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