Thor Engine

The brains and power behind the Tranxactor platform

Tranxactor’s Thor platform is a comprehensive value-added Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and multi-functional transaction processing system, overlaid with marketing, reporting and financial management tools. Architected as an online transaction processing system (OLTP) Thor is structured for very high speed real time processing and response.  The system can be configured in any number of ways to suit markets and retail categories.  

Thor sets itself apart from many processing solutions in the market in two key areas:

  • It is not constrained by the type of ‘transaction identifier’ used and can operate concurrently with multiple identifiers and technologies (such as plastic cards, barcodes on mobile phones, mobile numbers).
  • It is a true ‘open source’ data acquiring engine, and not constrained by the source of transactional and other data. This means that data may be sourced from any device or environment, in virtually any format and standardised and processed within the system. We can accept realtime data in ISO8583, XML, JSON, RESTful and batched data in delimited flat files.

Thor seamlessly interacts with traditional transaction capture and processing systems providing a bridge between legacy installed systems and evolving transaction technologies such as web-enabled and mobile environments.

This impressive unified platform can meet almost any type of loyalty requirement, as well as delivering to payment programs such as gift, stored value and savings clubs, operating independently or alongside any type of member reward program.

Thor functions include:

  • Member management
  • Merchant management
  • Transaction processing
  • Card management
  • Points management
  • Redemptions
  • Instant rewards
  • Gift and pre-pay
  • Savings clubs
  • Recognition and tiers
  • Coupons and vouchers
  • Campaign management
  • Data capture
  • Reporting and analytics

Thor Help and Self-service interfaces

Thor’s browser-based interface allows your service desk or call centre to manage Member accounts quickly and easily, providing a single view of each Member and manage all aspects of their account.    

Self-service for customers and merchants

Thor MyJournal™ Cardholder account lookup

Thor MyJournal™ is a browser-based enquiry and lookup utility that enables Members to access and manage their account information. Thor MyJournal™ may be accessed directly via the web or mobile, or integrated as a link from any website.

Thor MyMerchant™ Merchant account lookup

Thor MyMerchant™ is a browser-based enquiry and lookup utility that enables individual stores to access their account and retrieve information such as transaction history for both financial (eg. gift cards) and loyalty, tax reconciliations and to generate reports.

Thor Reward Points Management

Thor can handle anonymous and registered Members, with complete flexibility around determining when and how rewards are issued and how rewards may be redeemed.

Reward points may be structured in different ways to suit varying strategies which include tactical promotions as well as base issuing.

Reward programs based on points are a powerful and flexible alternative to discounts enabling you to reward your best and most influential customers better. Find out more

Reward issuing functions

  • Rewards may be issued by transaction values and/or line-item (SKU) level
  • Rules may be set at cardholder, points issuer and transaction level
  • Rewards may be issued by third-parties
  • Reward issuing may be by promotion activity
  • The proposed solution must include the ability to donate or gift rewards from one cardholder to one or more parties (other cardholders or third-parties such as schools, charities or clubs)

Reward redemption functions

  • Real time redemption at the point-of-sale
  • Points or cash-back
  • Redemption limited to registered members
  • Accumulated redemption for the ‘purchase’ of products and services
  • Redemption by way of donation to charities, schools, funds etc

Campaign Management Tools

Thor’s Campaign Management module enables:

  • setup of campaigns to issue bonus rewards based on many filters such target group, purchase value, SKU level product, store location, time of day and day of week
  • link the campaign to omni-channel communication with Members using triggered and broadcast campaigns delivered through POS, email, sms, mobile phone, push notifications, the web and social media
  • issue targeted eVouchers that may be delivered through POS, and through all the other communication channels
  • trigger messages and reminders
  • build complex nested campaigns
  • automatically create sub-groups based on qualification and actions
  • dynamically enrol Members in special interest ‘clubs’ 

The marketing and campaign options are literally endless, and limited only by the strategic and creative thinking of the marketing teams.

Functions for Franchised Groups

Many of Tranxactor’s clients are multi-store franchised groups who require tight controls around liability and settlement.

  • Electronic charging and billing
  • Multi-merchant and cross-merchant settlement
  • Online reporting
  • Transaction authorisation
  • Fraud monitoring
  • Liability reporting

There is more! As we said, Tranxactor’s Thor platform is comprehensive. Suffice to say that we have delivered its capabilities to broad range of retail. Talk to us about how the Thor platform can spice up your existing loyalty program (yes, we can migrate from your legacy system) or help you create a new exciting marketing initiative with the Thor difference.