Tranxactor's unique real-time bridge connecting POS with the Thor platform

ThorLink is Tranxactor’s own gateway to the Thor Host platform which can be implemented with any Windows POS or Android system to deliver a comprehensive suite of real time functions for loyalty programs, payment systems and marketing. Once deployed, ThorLink runs seamlessly in the background of the POS with full communications management functions, offline detection, offline and online processing, fraud detection, and security controls. 

With the capability to capture 100% of all transactions down to item level in the basket, issue and redeem rewards and vouchers in real time, top up and redeem gift cards, the full power of the Thor platform can be brought into play.

Using our unique bridging technology, ThorLink can be implemented quickly and installed remotely with minimal involvement of IT and POS specialists to get you up and running in super-fast time. ThorLink is designed to ensure business continuity without losing transactions, or risk that customers may lose their reward entitlements.

Sounds impossible? Not at all. Talk to us about how Tranxactor can provide you with not only an industry leading processing and CRM system, but also the crucial real time connectivity with the POS and other touchpoints you will need to ensure you get that 360° view of your customer.

  • Device management and monitoring through ThorLink Controller
  • Automated backup, failover, and disaster recovery ensuring 99.99+% uptime
  • Secure activation for each POS terminal device
  • POS terminal device fingerprint to verify the terminal's identity
  • Access token to verify transaction source
  • All transactions are encrypted using SSL/https communication
  • Transaction fraud controls
  • Encrypted log files
  • Enhanced Store and Forward (SAF) functionality
  • Optional cardholder and non-cardholder transaction capture
  • Test cards and training mode
  • Improved Member search by first name, last name, card number, mobile number and other customer identifiers